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Professional Quality Services
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  • Includes @30-50 Oblique photos of your site.
  • Photo's saved to CD/DVD upon request
  • Download your Photos the moment they are ready (usually within 24 hours of scheduled flight)


Who uses Aerial Photography?
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Site Planning
  • Cell Tower Imaging & Inspections
  • Environmental Studies
  • Motion Picture & TV Filming
  • Appraisals
  • Construction & Developments
  • Progressive Project Photos
  • Architectural & Engineering Projects
  • Traffic Studies (imaging & video)
  • Environmental Studies
  • Insurance Cases
  • Legal Case Studies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Special Events
  • And You...


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* Discounts for Multiple Projects Sites at the same time.

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Introducing our New Remote
Aerial Photo/Video

N980WA - DJI S1000 - Sony a6300
Filming in:  XAVC S 4K, 1080p AVCHD H.264

N984WA - DJI S1000+ - Sony a6300
Filming in:  XAVC S 4K, 1080p AVCHD H.264


X-Aircraft X650 Mod. - Hero 3+ Black
Outfitted for:  IR Inspections
(Coming Soon)

DJI Phantom V1 - Hero 3 Black


Welcome to, your premier source for Professional Production Quality Aerial Imaging and Videography.  Whether you are in the Real Estate industry, Film Making or just want that perfect shot of your property, we can shoot and professionally edit media based on your custom requirements. 

With our in house flight/camera crews and full service editing team, we have become a one stop shop for all media services.

We Specialize in...

We specialize in real estate, planning, legal, insurance, construction, development, environmental, engineering, architecture, residential, advertising/marketing and special events aerial photography.

- We can Get into Areas that Planes and Helicopters Can't -

Commercial sUAS (Drone) Operational Requirements
When operating unmanned aircraft commercially, every company must have the following to legally operate within the FAA Regulated National Airspace:
  1. Commercial sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) must file for and obtain an active FAA Section 333 Exemption. Which we do. #12004. FAA Section 333 Exemption
  2. #13 of that exemption requires that the PIC (Pilot In Command), at the very least, hold an active Sport Pilot License or above, Issued by the FAA. Which we do (Most Section 333 operators do not). Our Chief Pilot (Christopher Weldon) holds Private Pilots License since 1998 (w/ ASEL, Instrument Rated, Complex Aircraft Endorsement, High Performance Aircraft Endorsement) and also has logged above and beyond the requirements in Unmanned time. PIC License Holder
  3. Commercial operations must have a COA (Certificate of Authorization) to operate within the Contiguous United States and it's territories. We do; we've been issued a blanket COA for all operations under 400ft AGL. COA Certificate
  4. Commercial General Liability Insurance Active. We do. (Available Upon Request)

Make sure you ask your Commercial Drone Operator for these credentials before you hire...

Our Service Areas...
Our service areas include Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Miami and all areas in between.  Because of the cost of aviation fuel, some locations will cost more than others to generate photos from.  Our home field is Orlando Sanford International Airport.  This location serves as a central launching point to your location in Florida.

Orlando Aerial Photographer

Christopher Weldon

Chris has been flying Florida since 1998.  He received his training at Orlando Areas own Comair Aviation Academy (aka Delta Connection Academy) in Sanford Florida.  He is also a Professional Building Designer, Florida Certified Building Contractor, Florida Certified Home Inspector and Former Commissioner on the Orange City Planning & Zoning Commission.  He has decided to combine his love of flying with his expertise in design, construction and planning to offer a quality service to clients all over the State of Florida.

     Weldon & Associates, Inc.
          President (Current)
     Christian Care for Lil' Angels, Inc.

          Board of Directors Member (Current)
     City of Orange City Florida
          Planning & Zoning Commissioner (Former: 2007-2013)
          Webmaster (Current)





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"All manned operations coordinated with aircraft and commercial pilots from Falcon Flight Training & Crosswind Flight Training centers based at Sanford Orlando International Airport"

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